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Surprise your husband with these Valentine’s Day gifts

February is here and the romantic in me is gushing with love. After all, this is the month to celebrate love with my Valentine. I believe there is a romantic in all of us. Unfortunately, it goes into hiding when a responsible adult has to take over. Adulting is not easy and comes with a huge set of chores and responsibilities. But the good news is that it only needs a romantic song or a cozy set-up to get into the mood. 

We, women, like to be pampered and expect our men to take the reins when it comes to love and romance. Let’s flip sides this Valentine’s Day and throw them a little surprise.

Here are a few ideas to show your love and spice up things a little.

Breakfast in bed

Aren’t most of our mornings rushed with little or no time for breakfast? More often than not, we resort to quick breakfast options like bread toast or cereals. Make it a little different this Valentine’s Day and enjoy some quality breakfast time. You can prepare heart-shaped pancakes or cutlets, eggs, muffins, juice or just about anything that you can fix. You can order a meal if you are not much of a cook. Having breakfast in bed while snuggling with your husband will certainly give a good start to your day.

Send him a surprise at work

Just like us, men like surprises too. Send a box of chocolates or a bouquet to his office. You can even send his favourite lunch along with cupcakes to make his day. If plan a little something with his colleague if that is possible. Get someone to leave a package on his desk the day before. It could be a little gift but will fill his heart with a lot of love. He may be having a hectic day at work but a sweet gesture from you will surely bring a smile to his face.

Leave little notes around

There is something adorable about love notes. Even in this age of technology, little post-its with romantic messages can work like a charm. Since these are personal you can even get naughty and flirty with your messages. Leave the notes around the house and even in his car. You can write about the good old times and remember your romantic memories. Go ahead and be creative to surprise your husbands.

Frame those memories

Memories are our best treasures. There must be a hundred of memories hidden in those pictures that are lying somewhere on your hard disk. Now is a good time to retrieve them and frame them for your husband’s desk. Another option is to make a photo collage. You can club together a few pictures of your best trips or your wedding for this collage. You can click here to download an easy collage option.

Throw a small party

This is for those of you who like to enjoy the company of others. You can throw a party with your close couple friends. Needless to say, the theme has to be around Valentine’s Day. You can order a heart-shaped cake and decorate with red roses. There is no need to throw an extravagant party. Just throw in some finger foods, some drinks and good music. You can plan little games centred around love and memories to make it more entertaining. You can also take turns and ask people to share their love stories. This way you will get to know your friends better and will have some good conversation going on. To add to the theme, you can also add some cool Valentine’s Day themed party props. Click here to see the party props by Rang Art Shop.

Recreate your song

We all have a song that we associate our love to. It could be the song playing when you first met or when you exchanged your rings. It could also be the songs that you first sang to each other. Or it could be your favourite song that reminds you of your husband. Gifting a framed love song picture is a great way to surprise your Valentine. Click here to download your love song picture.

Book a once in a lifetime experience 

This is for the adventurous ones. Book an opportunity to go scuba diving, bungee jumping or sailing. Choose whatever your husband has been wanting to do for the longest time. If possible, you can also plan a small trip around this activity.

Plan a picnic

Picnics have become passe but trust me you can have some of the best conversations at such outings. The best thing is that you can arrange one with little efforts. You can pack some sandwiches or order food as you go. Sit in a park and switch off your phones. We become so busy with our work lives that we don’t get the time to know what is going in each other’s lives and minds. You can also a small gift to bring in the romantic element.

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