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Navratri Kids Craft - Navratri Bracelet

Navratri Kids Craft – Navratri Bracelet


Navratri is a nine days long celebration, dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine Avatars. Various parts of India celebrate this festival in their unique ways. There are Jagraatas and Kanjikas arranged among Punjabis, Ramleela and fastings among the other north Indians, Kanya bhojs and fasting for 9 days in central India, whereas Garba and Dandiya nights among Gujaratis, Bengalis pray to the goddess, relish food and enjoy in grand pandals as this one is the biggest festival for them. Tamilians bring out small toys and Kolu dolls and Keralites introduce young ones to music, art and literature.

The word “Navratri” brings lots of memories both from childhood as well as from my college days. The small colony we lived in use to bring in huge Devi Ji’s idol each year and those nine days were the most exciting for us kids, the thrill to see how big and how beautiful the idol will be this year, was something which started at least a month ahead. The society uses to conduct many competitions like essay writing, painting, rangoli, funny races, singing, dancing and what not! But there were two major attractions at that age the “dandiya night” and the “Kanya Bhoj”

Both allowed us to doll up and wear the best traditional attire we had, use up all the accessories, and act a little grown up in those lehngas n kurtas.

I have always associated Navratri with getting decked up and enjoying the festivities with family and friends. So I thought, to relive all those Garba/Dandiya night preps with my girls we should do this fun Ring-Bracelet craft with my girls. Boys should not get disheartened as this is unisex jewellery and is trending for both men n women alike to adorn during the Garba night!

This is a super quick fix to get into the mood of the Garba night, as soon as the glue dried up my girls were already dancing, adorning these beautiful ring-bracelets one on each one’s hand. Let us begin!

Material for making Navratri special Ring Bracelet


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Wool( any colour of your choice)
  • Pipe cleaner (craft supply)
  • Beads
  • Card sheet
  • Pompoms
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper cutter
  • Thread n Needle
  • Ghungroo (small size)

Steps for making the Navratri special Ring-Bracelet

Step 1: Make hand-cuff


Take a toilet paper roll and cut it into halves and slit them open as shown in the picture. Use fabric glue to start covering up the toilet roll with wool. Keep using glue after every 10-12 round so that the wool stays in place. Finish up when the toilet roll is completely covered.

Step 2: Complete the Base


Take a pipe cleaner, bring the two ends together and put these inside a bead. Adjust the ring size using bead. Measure the approx length(from ring to the wrist) by putting the ring on the finger. Cut the extra pipe cleaner if required. Next, we stick together the prepared cuff and the ring. Cover the inside of the cuff by sticking card sheet, to make it smooth from inside.

Step 3: Decorate the base


Once the base dries up, start decorating it with colourful pom poms. Use fabric glue to stick. You can choose two or three colours to match up your outfit or use multicolour pom-poms as we did.

A completely optional step is to sew in ghungroos on two-three different spots (in sets of two or three) they make fun sounds when the kids will dance or move hands making them more desirable to kids!

And this finishes off the Ring bracelet, let the kids wear these to practice Garba at home and get ready for that Garba night you are eyeing at.

Additional Tips:

  • Using a hot glue gun will make it a very quick and not messy task, use it only if an adult is supervising at all times.
  • Can use two or three different colours of wool to make the cuffs more vibrant, make sure that the pair is identical.


Image Tanvi Bhushan

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