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Menu ideas for Holi

As a child, I would eagerly wait for Holi. I loved how everyone would let loose and immerse in the festivities. Nobody would mind the riot that we children created. Instead, with a little prodding, elders would participate with full gusto. Add to that, my mom would prepare her Holi special snacks which made Holi all the more dear. 

Cut to today and my enthusiasm hasn’t died down. Thought it is not the same here in Sydney but I and my Indian friends make sure that we get together and have a little celebration of our own. Food is an integral part of our festivities and normally, we do a pot luck here. This time I have done some work ahead and planned a delicious Holi spread. A small attempt to bring Indian Holi back to our lives.

Read on if you too have been scratching your head thinking about recipe options.


If there is one quintessential Holi sweet, it has to be gujiya. Its origination lies in Rajasthan but everyone has embraced it with great affection. And why not! These crisp maida dumplings with soft khoya fillings make for a hearty dessert. If you are a health freak, you can bake them instead of frying. You can make different fillings like chocolate, coconut or dry fruits if the cook inside you is in the mood to experiment.


Image credit: Whisk Affair. Recipe Link: Guijya recipe by Whisk Affair


Another Holi essential is this delicious North Indian drink. As the name suggests, this traditional drink has cooling properties. It is an interesting blend of dry fruits, seeds and spices that will instantly remind of India. The best part is that the preparation is easy and won’t consume a lot of time.


Image credit: Piping Pot Curry. Recipe Link: Thandai recipe by Piping Pot Curry

Dahi Bhalla

These yummy little sponges are comfort food for many people. They are dipped in thick curd and served with a hearty drizzle of imli chutney. They originated in Delhi and have become a staple in our celebrations and weddings. You can pick up readymade mix if you don’t have the time to follow the lengthy original recipe.


Image credit: Pulses. Recipe Link: Dahi Bhalla recipe by Pulses 

Papdi Chaat

My mouth is watering just at the mention of this little gem from Delhi. Papdi Chaat has a huge fan following in India and is an important part of most family outings. Enjoy these crisp papdis with curd, chutneys and spices this Holi to make it a memorable one. It will be a riot of colours served on a plate, matching perfectly with the theme. On a different note, you can add more colours and fun to your party with our Holi special printables. Click here to take a look at them.


Image credit: Whisk Affair. Recipe Link: Papdi Chaat recipe by Whisk Affair

Namak Para

This savoury snack has found a permanent place in most Indian kitchens. It makes for a great accompaniment to tea or cold drinks. What’s even better is that you can store them for as long as a month. They are perfect for mid-meal hunger pangs and can be easily carried along. You can bake these if you are looking for a healthier alternative.


Image credit: Hebbar’s Kitchen Recipe Link: Namak Pare recipe by Hebbar’s Kitchen 


They can be best described as India’s answer to western pancakes. Deep fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup, malpua is delicate yet full of flavours. Of course, it is rich in calories but festivals are legit cheat days. This item will surely leave your guests in awe and they will be asking for more.


Image credit: VegeCravings Recipe Link: Malpua recipe by VegeCravings 

Paneer tikka

your answer for something that is easy to make and yet looks sophisticated. This tandoori snack doesn’t take a long time to prepare. You can marinate and refrigerate it a night before to reduce your workload. Serve them hot on skewers with onion and capsicum for better taste and presentation. You can add vegetables like potato, mushroom, cauliflower, broccoli etc. in the same marination and serve a tandoori platter.


Image credit: Binial’s VEG Kitchen. Recipe Link: Paneer Tikka recipe by Binial’s VEG Kitchen


I love the lightness of this pudding. A lot of desserts are heavy and guests tend to avoid them after eating a scrumptious meal. Phirni is a classic dessert that is both light and flavorful. It is made from simple ingredients and will be a perfect addition to your Holi menu. Make it healthy or give a different twist by adding fruits to it.


Image credit: My Food Story. Recipe Link: Phirni  recipe by My Food Story

No festival is complete without food and celebrations. With these options, I am sure your Holi will turn out to be a great affair.


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