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Meet Tanvi

Meet Tanvi

Hello everyone!!
I am Tanvi, an Architect and urban planner by profession though currently, I am busy raising up two of my own creations. I live in Hongkong with my husband and two lovely daughters, who have inherited the love for colours and crafts beautifully and we enjoy doing it together. When we are not doing any crafty project we love cooking and baking as being a foodie is something which runs in our family.

Raising kids away from your “home” without the support of extended families and friends, away from your roots and culture is sometimes a big challenge. Nurturing your babies and then guiding your toddlers in the same way as you were brought up is ideally not suitable when you are in some foreign land.

There are many ways to tackle this challenge. From my experience, I feel that its best to keep introducing traditions, stories and values to our kids one small step at a time. I always take opportunities to give them a glimpse of our rich culture and heritage especially around the festive season. However, it’s also important that kids pick up and adapt to local culture to integrate into the society and norms of the country they are growing up in.

Festivals are the best occasions to talk to our kids about India and the colourful traditions which in turn will keep the excitement and curiosity alive in their tiny heads. Been brought up in India most of us have spent our childhood preparing for festivals and celebrating each festival for days together. But now when away from our motherland we fall short of ideas and ways to celebrate these festivals while once our world used to revolve around them.

I try and engage with my kids in simple and fun activities whenever there is a festival approaching. It is a good opportunity for me to talk to them about the traditions and stories related to that festival and they enjoy listening to my memories around it, what we use to do as kids and how we use to prepare for this festival. My elder one is now at the age that she cross-questions a lot and hence we spend hours together talking about the topic alongside doing these activities. It is fun for them and for us parents too and above all a great time to bond.

I will be sharing with you these simple activities which can be put together easily at home using easily available stuff. Hope you along with your kids enjoy these as much as we enjoy these activities as a family, and I am sure some of these will open opportunities for you to share our beloved country’s rich culture, traditions and values with our kids.


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