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Indian home decor ideas

Indian home decor ideas

The other day, I read a quote, “Home is not just a place, it is a feeling.” I don’t think anyone has ever defined home in a more accurate way. A home exudes love, warmth, belongingness and gives mental peace.

I love travelling and am always itching to break the monotony of daily life and go on holiday. However, every time that I am on a trip, a small part of me is always yearning to go back home. My heart misses the comfort and belongingness of my abode.

In this foreign land, I have tried to create a space that is exclusively mine. A place that reminds me of my roots and keeps me close to my Indian values and traditions. Besides, Indian decor is full of vibrant colours and interesting embellishments that I absolutely love.

You are at the right place if you have been thinking of giving a desi touch to your house. With these tips, you can easily give an Indian twist to your interiors.

Indian home decor ideas

Go Bold with colours 

We Indians love our colours whether it is mango yellow or deep shades of red and blue. You can either paint an entire wall in these beautiful colours or add little pops with curtains and cushions. You can even paint your doors in these mesmerising colours.


Include motifs

Indian design is replete with traditional motifs. Whether it is fabrics, bed sheets or curtains, you can find several interesting motif designs. You can also use motif stencils and paint your walls or furniture to give an edgy Indian look. My personal favourites are Mughal designs but you can even seek some inspiration from Indian forts and palaces. Check out the decor of Bar Palladio to know what I am talking about.

Use antiques

India has a rich heritage and nothing can represent grandeur like antiques. Look for brassware or artefacts that look dated. You can add these in the form of door handles, figurines,  vases or urlis. You can style these vignettes differently to change the look of your home every now and then.


Add flowers 

If you want to add softness and freshness to your surroundings, flowers are the best options. Go for local flowers like bougainvillaea, marigold, jasmine etc. to add an Indian touch to your house. My favourite style is adding flowers to water in an urli or a bowl.


Use handicrafts 

India has a wealth of diverse handicrafts. There is no end to how you can use them in your home. Cushions, rugs, bedspreads, carved mirrors, wooden lamps – the list is endless. You can take an embroidered fabric and use it as a tapestry over your bed or windows. You can either buy these on your next trip to India or order them online.

Hang paintings 

This is an extremely easy way to spruce up your place. The best part is that you can get several quirky designs if you do not want to go with traditional pieces. You can check out Rang Art Shop’s collection here for some ideas. Paintings are an inexpensive way to cover your bare walls and make your house as Indian as it can get.


Bring home idols

We Indians are a religious lot and perhaps worship the maximum number of Gods and Goddesses. You can bring home their idols to spread positivity and serenity in the atmosphere. These idols of Ganesh, Lakshmi, Natraj etc. are available in a variety of materials and textures. You can style them beautifully to add a desi touch to your house.


Light Diyas 

These flickering little lights are as inherent to India as dal chawal. Whether it is an earthen diya or brass tea lights, they can instantly add cosiness to your house. Place them on the floor, window sills or our centre table to add an ethnic touch to your home. Add a few drops of scented oils to your diyas and your house will be smelling like heaven.

Wooden furniture 

Indian decor is incomplete without beautifully carved wooden furniture. I understand it may be difficult to get such pieces in foreign countries. You can instead try to bring home dark coloured colonial furniture to give an Indian touch to your home.

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