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Ideas for throwing the best Bachelorette Party

Your best friend is getting married and you can’t seem to contain your excitement. You are looking forward to all the celebrations and revelry surrounding weddings. You want the bride to have the best of everything. Nobody knows her better than you and that makes you the best person to organise her bachelorette. Now when it comes to organising a bachelorette, there are no written rules. Depending on the crowd, you can keep it either conservative or go all-in with the craziness. Your party can range from mildly suggestive to outrageously saucy. 

Here is how you can get everything right and throw the best bachelorette for your bestie.

Get started

Before you begin your preparations, it is a good idea to discuss the party plans with the bride. It is better to know if she has a wish-list. Knowing what is off-limits can save you from last-minute awkwardness. Now will also be a good time to discuss the guest list with her. You don’t want to invite someone who can make her uncomfortable. You may involve a few other friends in the preparations and share your load. Send out the invites well in advance so that people can clear their schedules for the party. You can either go casual with Watsapp invites or make it a little formal with paper invites. Click here to see a few invite options.


The expenses of a bachelorette are typically shared by the bride’s friends. Float a reasonable budget once you have the final guest-list with you. Ask the guests to reach out to you personally if there are any issues with the proposed budget. Consider everything like decorations, cake and food, alcohol and gifts, to arrive at this budget. The best way is to ask the guests to pay before the party. This will save you from any unnecessary last-minute shockers or chasing people to pay up their share.

Plan a fun day

Make your best friend’s bachelorette a day that she will fondly remember forever. The bride-to-be is already stressed with the details of organising a perfect wedding. Give her a little downtime and send her for a rejuvenating spa. You and her bunch of close friends can also indulge in some goss over a session of mani-pedis. If your budget doesn’t permit this, you can pick up some sheet masks and nail paints for some in-house pampering. The party can be planned later in the evening.

Food and alcohol

A bachelorette is mostly about sipping cocktails and fun activities. Set up a small bar counter with easy to make cocktail options. You can go easy on the food and concentrate mainly on starters and desserts. Throw in a variety of finger foods to go along with alcohol. Anything elaborate will most likely get wasted. You can always order pizza if people are game for it. Get a special cake for the bride. Going by the trend, a suggestive cake will match your theme of the bachelorette.


The way you set up the party venue can really set the mood. It will make the guests comfortable, most of who may be meeting up for the first time. When it comes to decoration, you can do so much for a bachelorette. You can set up a gorgeous yet fun set-up with candles, flowers and balloons. You can also get customised party banners, napkins, “Team Bride” banner, cute stirrers, patterned paper straws etc. You can follow a colour theme to make the decor consistent. There are several naughty decor items that can add the fun element to your party. These are easily available at party stores. Another item that can totally get the party going is a photo booth. Photo props for a bachelorette party can be downloaded online in an instant. Click here to download such party props and a frame.


Now this is the best party of any bachelorette party. You want the people to let loose and mingle. Games will help your party in picking the momentum. You can start with board games in the beginning and move to more naughty ones as the evening progresses. These games are hilarious when people have downed a couple of cocktails. You can also ask the groom some questions beforehand. During the party, you can have the bride guess his answers.

Make the bride feel special 

This day is all about the bride. Surround all the activities around her to give that extra attention. Get a sash and a tiara for her. If possible, customise the party decorations with the soon-to-be-married couple’s pictures. You can have the groom video record a special message for the bride. You can also create a signature cocktail in her name.

Party favours

You can choose to include this if your budget allows. It can be an assortment of some cute knick-knacks. You can also make a hangover kit to add to this bag. You can simply part with your guests with chocolates.

So go ahead and make your best friend bachelorette a fun ride!

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