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How to throw the Best Baby Shower

Baby showers are perhaps the happiest celebrations. The would-be-parents are both thrilled and nervous at the same time. Their excitement is palpable and everyone is only happy to join in the celebratory mood. The little star is going to bring a new wave of love and joy.

When the baby shower happens to be of your bestie or sister, you have all the more reasons to be happy. After all, you get to plan an important day in your bff’s life and throw the shower.

Traditionally baby showers were intimate family affairs replete with customs and rituals. However, the trend is changing and people are warming up to the western way of doing it. These days, baby showers extend beyond traditions and are more relaxed and fun. To become a hostess with the mostess, read along for some tips to throw a great party.

Make the would-be-mom comfortable

This day is all about the expecting mother. She is going to get all the attention and you have to be extra cautious about her comfort. Ideally, the baby shower will happen in the last two months of her pregnancy. Keep the would-be-parents in loop about the date so that everything goes as per the new mommy’s comfort.

Decide the theme

Baby stuff is so cute that you will want to get everything under the sun. It is better to decide on a theme so that you can arrange everything accordingly. You can also personalise it as per your bestie’s taste and likes. Once your theme is decided, you can select the right invitations, decorations, tableware, food, cake and party favours.

Gender reveal is prohibited in India by law. However, if you are staying abroad, chances are that the parents-to-be already know the gender of their baby. Check with the parents if they want to declare the gender or would prefer to keep it a surprise. you can plan things accordingly.

Send out invitations

It is perfectly alright to invite males to baby showers. Go ahead and invite the would-be-daddy and other male friends of the couple. In fact, include the kids too as it will become a family affair then. Let the guests of honour take a look at the guest list so that there are no surprises or awkward encounters.

Hot Tip: If a close friend or relative is not able to make it to the event, set up a video call. It will be the best surprise for the expecting couple

Send the invitations at least four weeks in advance so that there is ample time for people to respond. You will be able to make better arrangements once the number of guests is known.

Plan games and activities

Your friend is pregnant but that doesn’t mean you need to have a seated arrangement for the party. Go ahead and plan some interesting games. You can find plenty of options online to make it a fun event. Make sure that these games include everyone so that no one is left out.

There are a few games like guessing the size of mummy’s tummy that are old and embarrassing. It is better to imagine yourself in the situation and have an activity only if you would enjoy it.

Create memories

Apart from the expecting mother, this event is all about love for the younger one. Include some activities that centre around making memories for the baby. It would be like a little treasure of blessings for him/her.

Hot Tip: Create a wishing tree and ask everyone to write wishes for the baby on cards. These cards can then be strung around the tree.

 A photo booth will both entertain the guests and give you beautiful pictures of the party.

Get creative with gifts

It is a tradition to bring gifts for the baby. Get creative about gifts as a few guests may not be able to think of the right gift or spend a lot. The first few months are going to be tough for the family and you can offer help-gifts. The guests can pledge to get dinner or offer to babysit the baby and give some downtime to new parents. Trust me, the new parents will be eternally thankful for such selfless and thoughtful gestures. 

Baby milestone cards make for excellent gifts. Match it with the theme of the party so that the baby shower and baby’s first year get strung together in a cohesive manner.

With these tips under your belt, you can throw the best baby shower. The smile on your bestie’s face will be the cherry on top.

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