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How to stay in touch with friends

I recently watched Veere Di Wedding and I am still reeling from its hangover. This hangover is of the good kind. It gave me a groggy head but I will do it again because it was so much fun. You may or may not have liked the movie but the bonding between friends is too true to be ignored. We all have friends who have been with us through our thick and thin. Remember that nobody-loves-me phase or I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-career phase or for that matter, I-am-getting-married-and-am-totally-freaking-out phase. At different times, friends have been our teachers, agony aunts, counsellors, nurses and above all our secret keepers.

There was a time when friends meant everything and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. As life progressed; career, marriage and managing the house took over priority. After moving abroad, I had lesser time to spend with my friends and deep down, I was aware that a void had been created. My voice of reason tried to convince me that this was the normal progression of life. Somehow, I could never completely agree and knew that no one else could ever fill that void. Although the list of my Facebook friends runs into a few hundred, the heart still yearns for those real friends.

After watching the movie, the nostalgia came rushing and overwhelmed me. I knew I had to reconnect with my old friends and rekindle those relationships. Not only that, I wanted to do something special for my current friends and show them how important they are to me. Here are a few ways that you can do the same. I am sure your friends’ happiness will know no bounds to see such unexpected acts of love from you.

Call text them

If you want to bring them back to your life, spend 15 minutes in a day to call or text your friends. You can do it in the cab or while taking a break in the office. It will take some effort but it is going to be worth it. Be frank and say that you have been missing them and discuss good old times. Trust me, such discussion are always a good breather to everyone from the hectic lives.

Give them time to respond

Don’t expect a call soon after you reach out to them. You guys are reconnecting after long and you mustn’t expect similar enthusiasm in return. They are probably busy in their lives and careers. Make a few attempts and then move on if you still don’t get a response. There are lots of other people who would be keen on being in touch with you.

Wish on special days

In this era of social media, it is not difficult to know one’s birthday or anniversaries. Instead of wishing on Facebook, which seems more like a formality, call them or send a message. Who doesn’t loves when the phone rings on their special days! You can also send an old-fashioned greeting cards with a personalised message. They have an old-school charm and can go a long way in expressing your feelings. 

Be helpful

Showing concern and extending help will reveal the genuine side of you. Tell them about a new job posting in your organisation or the baking recipe you think that will help them. Churn your contacts if you think someone you know can help them in their current situation. Maybe your neighbor can offer some advice on how to deal with toddler tantrums or your old boss can offer some career advice. A genuine and relevant message can go a long way. Once they start seeing you as assets, they will start sharing their ups and downs with you.

Do something special

You don’t have to go out of your way or do anything expensive. Send a card or dig down your memory lanes with those years-old pictures. Each picture has a story to tell and you will realise how well they have preserved your special moments. Combine a couple of pictures, make a collage and send them to your friends. I am sure it will be the most special gift and will evoke the most genuine smile on their faces.

Making the first move is the most difficult part. Once that is done, everything else will fall in the right place.

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