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How to make a Cheese Platter with an Indian Twist


Food is always the centerpiece of any gathering, it’s the conversation starter, creates a focal point to gather around, a place to share some plate and some gossip. As much as it’s fun to have people over to get together, often we all struggle with the same old million-dollar question – what’s the menu?

One of my favorite things to serve is a ‘’cheese platter with some desi (Indian) twist” and trust me this one is a crowd pleaser. A cheese platter is easy and quick to assemble and looks spectacular on the dining table.

Love the idea, but don’t know how and where to start? Here is a simple guide on how to make a great tasting cheese plate with some Indian twist! 

Think about your Guest – A great cheese platter starts with ‘Your Guest!’ Yes, you heard me right! When making a cheese platter always remember to include a variety of food in textures and flavors so that there is something for everyone. There is no point of adding stuff which no one likes or want to eat.

Sample a variety of food options – For a mouth-watering cheese platter includes a variety of Carbs, Cheese, Fresh Fruits and Veggie, Sweet and Savoury Snacks, Dips, Spread, and Chutney.

Don’t be afraid to include some traditional snacks – Add some personality to your platter by including snacks, dips and spreads from your traditional Indian cuisine. You can easily add some namkeen, dry samosa, khakhra, spicy chutney, sweets or spicy nuts to the platter to make it more Indian style.


Balance savory and sweet– Look at the platter as a whole and balance the sweet and savory flavors.

Play with textures and colours –  Be creative by including a range of colourful food items and variety of textures in your platter. I often include fresh fruits and veggie with Indian namkeens and chutney add vibrant colour and church on my platter.  

Hot Tip – Use a tray or board with contrasting colour to give your platter an instant pop

Keep it at room temperature – No one like to eat cold food. Try to assemble your platter at least an hour before your get-together starts. This way you will have cheeses and dips at the room temperature by the time of serving.

Include enough crackers – One thing that disappears quickly on board is bread and crackers. Include both crackers and bread in your platter such as sliced baguette, plain and salty crackers and breadsticks. For an Indian touch I include dry India crackers like khakra, khari, paddi etc. Have some crackers some on standby.


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