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How to entertain your kids on road trips

Like any other Cancerian, I hold my memories close to my heart and soul. They are the treasure box that I like to open time and again. That little box of mine has memories of great times spent with my near and dear ones. Then there are moments when I had completely let go and immersed in new experiences. When I look back, most of such moments came during my travels.

My husband and I are avid travellers and look forward to our yearly get-aways. We go to great lengths to ensure that we make the most of our time. In fact, we plan our own itinerary and research all the local places worth visiting.

We had heard stories about how life would change after a baby. To be honest, a lot did change but not our love for travel.

Travelling with children is not easy but can be made fun with little preparation. They have a lot of energy and have to be kept entertained. Here is a post for all those parents who find it challenging to entertain their kids on family trips. These tips are so great that you would want to bookmark this post for future reference.

How to entertain your kids on road trips

Prep them for the travel

Children love stories. You can build up their excitement in the days leading to your trip by telling them stories about your destination. It could be historical stories or local folktales. If it is not a historical place, you can tell them about the local specialities or about planned adventures. The idea is to heighten their interest and enthusiasm.


Prepare a Travel Journal

Have your kids make their own little travel binders for the holiday. Your kids are going to have some delightful experiences on the trip. Like meeting interesting people, visiting incredible places and eating some great food. Ask them to prepare a journal where they can write, draw and stick any collectables. You can also take printouts and get them to colour them during the trip. This journal will keep them hooked and they will be asking for more.

Surprise them with a new toy

There is nothing that can engage a child better than a new toy. My daughter is on the extreme end of this spectrum. She tucks all the new toys next to her while sleeping. 😀 I would insist that you buy a new toy or a game for your flights or road trips. If they are older you can buy puzzles or card games. Try it on your next trip and you will be thanking me for a well-enjoyed time.


Ask them to take pictures

This is for kids who are old enough to handle the camera carefully. You can buy a kids camera if you don’t want to hand over your expensive camera. The idea is to keep them engaged. You will be surprised to see the things they photograph. Children’s interests and curiosity levels are way different than those of adults. With their own camera, they will live their holiday in their own special way and create memories for the future.


Download audiobooks

 If you do not want your children to stay invested in their iPads and gadgets, you can download audiobooks for car rides. Another option is to tune into podcasts. There are some channels especially made for kids and you will be surprised to know how informative some of them are.

Let them eat

Snacks are a great way to distract kids. In their daily routine, you may be keeping a watch over their sugar and junk intake. Let your guard down a little on these trips and let them have fun. Most kids turn irritable and fussy when hungry. Pack your own snacks for such times so that you can keep the demons in control.


Indulge in conversation

Holidays and trips are the best time to indulge in some good conversation with your kids. These days everyone is so glued to their electronic gadgets that there is no time for real conversations. Use these trips to know them better and teach them a few things. Ask them about their best friends, favourite subjects in school or teach them about navigating maps. You will return from your trip with an even stronger bond.

Create an I Spy Bag

Now this is something that will help you enjoy some quiet time during your travel. Take a small pouch and fill it with rice and lots of trinkets. Tell them the number of trinkets in the pouch and ask your kids to search for them. It is easy to make and will be super engaging for your children.


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Make little “Are we there yet” bags

Haven’t we all been there? Answering this question every five minutes. Kids can get bored and near a breakdown if the journey is long. You can prepare tiny bags with little knickknacks or toys to surprise them every time you feel they are getting restless. One bag should buy you thirty minutes of quiet time.


Travelling with kids can be entertaining and fulfilling. All you need is a little advance planning and preparation. You will be surprised and amazed in their company and notice things you otherwise wouldn’t.


Road trip season is almost here!!!! I have made a free printable for road trip scavenger hunt that will help to keep my kiddos entertained for on the road.

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