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Crafts for Kids - Krishna on the Swing

Crafts for Kids – Krishna on the Swing


Sri Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth of our beloved Lord Krishna. Janmashtami, this word is made up of two words “Janm” meaning Birth and “Ashtami” meaning the eighth day. Sri Krishna’s birthday is celebrated with all the fun decorations and gatherings across India.  

Janmashtami is incomplete without the symbolic Jhula (Swing)  and most temples decorate “jhankis” and “jhulas” for this occasion. Thus, this year my girls have decided to try making a swing for the Krishna Ji. To make it little more fun we decided to make a “Diorama”

The diorama is a fun way to build a miniature scene in a small box by placing objects, figures, cutouts etc. in front of a decorated background. We chose a classic shoebox diorama for recreating a scene with a simple swing and Krishna’s cutout on the swing.

Janmashtami Craft for Kids



  • Download and print the Krishna Template on plain paper (Click on the link for Krishna Template Download)
  • Empty shoebox
  • Brown, Green and blue card Sheets or scrapbook paper
  • Tissue paper or Kite Paper or Crape paper 
  • Cardboard Piece (3cms x 1cm) (any brown cardboard box from delivery boxes)
  • A piece of string or wool approximately 25cm long
  • Cotton for clouds.
  • Glue stick 
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Colours

Steps to follow

Step 1: Prepare the Box


Stick blue and green sheets to cover inside the box as shown in the image above.

Ask your child to tear off the edges (they will enjoy it!) The rough edge creates a nice divider between the sky and the green. 

Step 2: Make Swing


While the box dries up, let’s start making the swing.

Cut a rectangle 3 cm X 1cm from the cardboard for swing base. Make two small holes on the ends using scissors.

Tie a knot on each end of the string and slide in the holes you have made on the cardboard. Your swing is ready.

Step 3: Make Trunk and Foliage



Cut a piece of the brown sheet with the same height and width of the shoebox.

Keep it flat and start rolling loosely. Put some glue at one of the longer ends and then squish and twist it using hands to give it a look of the trunk (ask your kid to twist as much as they like).

Make one or two branches following the above step with a smaller piece of paper.

Use glue to stick trunk and branch together and allow it to dry. 

Tear off irregular pieces of thin green sheet and crumple them to make it look like a bunch of leaves on a tree.

Make around 7-8 big and small crumples. Avoid using glue at this stage, just crumple and keep it ready.

Step 4: Make clouds and Flowers



Use cotton to make 3-4 cloud shapes.


Tear small pieces from any bright colour sheet and make them into small balls by rolling it between forefinger and thumb. Make as many as you wish.

Again avoid any use of glue at this stage.

Step 5: Make Grass



Draw irregular grass shapes on a green sheet like shown in the image above.

Cut out the grass shapes while leaving atleast 1 cm extra space at the bottom.

Fold the bottom part to make a gluing strip to stick the grass at 90 degrees on the shoe box.

Once the grass cut-outs are ready to stick a few flower-balls. Save some flowers to stick directly on the walls of the shoebox too

Step 6: Start setting up the Scene

Start with the trunk, use a good amount of glue to stick the bottom as well as the length across the height of the shoe box.

Put up the swing using scotch tape on the ceiling of the box. Adjust the height of the swing (cut the string if required) and tie a knot on top so that the scotch tape holds the string better.

Glue the grass on the floor of the box in a zig zig pattern. This will create a depth in the box.

Randomly glue some flowers on all the three walls and floors.  

Allow everything to dry before glue the foliage and branches.

Also, cover up the scotch tape and the knot of the string. This step is a little tricky for kids to do it on their own.

Step 7: Prepare Krishna Ji


Take the printout of the Krishna template, and let your child enjoy colouring it as per their wish (while you relax for a while!)

Cut out the template. And make two folds, as shown in the image.

To place the cut-out on the swing fold the image and stick on the swing board so that it will look as if Krishna Ji is sitting on the swing.

Step 8: Add Krishna Ji to the Diorama


Use glue to stick the folded part of the cut-out image on the swing board. 

Yay!!! Your Krishna Ji is swinging on the swing.

Let the child be creative in imagining and creating this craft. Hope you will enjoy making this with your kids and later I am sure kids will enjoy playing with this diorama they created themselves. On the day of Janmashtami if you don’t plan to make a big jhanki or do the elaborate celebrations at midnight, then you can use this little swing with your kids. Ask them to make Laddu Gopal swing back n forth and make a wish. 

Extra Tips:

  • This craft has a lot of potential for letting the kids to be creative. The step by step process shown above is just an example. You can add in any details as your kid such as birds or cut-outs of cow etc.
  • Kids can also paint the scene inside the box, just cover the box with a white sheet. 


Tanvi Bhushan

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