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Apps to make the life of a busy mother easy

Motherhood is a greatly rewarding experience that makes us grow and evolve as a person. Not to forget the sloppy kisses, baby snuggles and cuddles that come along with it. As good as it is, being a mother can be stressful at times. Especially when you have a home to look after and an office to manage. You are constantly running around to manage your kid’s schedule, school, playdates, buying groceries and meeting deadlines. It can send the best of the planners into a tizzy.

These days there are several apps that can help you manage your time and your life as a super-woman.

Read along to know a few of these apps and enjoy a better life.


Motherhood can be overwhelming for a first time mom. Sleepless nights, an unstoppable crying baby and hormonal changes can throw you off balance. Wouldn’t it be nice to connect with other moms who are going through a similar experience? Peanut, also known as, Tinder for Moms does just that. Since its launch in Australia, it has seen an impressive response from new mothers. The app connects women on the basis of common interests, age and gender of their children and educational backgrounds. It can help you in creating your network of new mothers with whom you can interact, chat and organise meet-ups.

The Wonder Weeks 

A baby’s development is a marvel in itself. There are so many milestones and it is delightful to see your baby go through those phases. However, the picture is not always rosy. In the first two years, your baby will go through several phases of fussiness. This app can come in handy at such times. It has a calendar which can help you in understanding your baby’s growth, why is it eating or sleeping poorly and how you can soothe the baby.


Who doesn’t like a little downtime once in a while. Don’t you long for a rejuvenating spa session or an evening out with friends? Such breaks from your routine will not only reboot you but are also good for your mental health. However, all mothers know it is not easy to trust a babysitter and leave your baby behind. Even tougher is finding a reliable babysitter. Urbansitter can come to your rescue at such times. It helps you in finding sitters in your neighbourhood. Recommendations and reviews from other parents can help you with your search. Each sitter has a detailed profile with videos and parent reviews to know more about them.

Save the Date to Vaccinate 

You are only human are bound to miss a few things when you have so much to manage. While it is alright to forget some items on your to-do lists, a few are uncompromisable. Your baby’s vaccine is one such item. Timely vaccines ensure your baby’s well-being and development. This free app works wonders at reminding you when your baby’s vaccine is due. You need to enter your child’s name, date of birth and the physician’s contact details. The app does all the work after this. It calculates the vaccination schedules and sends you reminders.

Chore Bank

This one is for mothers with grown-up kids. At times it can become difficult to get your children to help you with the household chores. A good way to get them around is by paying them a little money for each completed chore. This will teach them responsibility and the basics of earning money. You can organise this on the Chore Bank app. All you need to do is to enter your children’s name and the chores that you would like them to do. You can also add the money that they will earn on completing each chore. Install the app on your children’s phones and get started. Each time your child completes a task, the app will tell you how much money you owe them.


Children are immensely creative and your house has limited space to store all their artwork. There are so many school projects that make you proud and as much as like, you can’t hold onto them forever. Keepy is an app that comes handy at such times. You can store all of your children’s artwork, school work, report cards, awards and family memories. You can even share them with others and order prints or photo books.


A growing kid’s schedule can be very busy and keeping up with it can become difficult. There are school, sports and other activities that your child may be interested in. It can become all the more difficult if you are a working mother. GoKid is an app that connects parents so that they can split the driving time. With the help of this app, your kids can attend all their classes and you won’t have to spend all your day behind a wheel.

Plan to Eat 

I really miss my childhood when I have to go through the pain of planning meals for the upcoming week. Sometimes I can’t decide what to cook for dinner and at other times, I run out of groceries. Plan to Eat is an app that promises to make this easier. You can plan your meals in a weekly or monthly calendar. After you are done with planning, this app will generate your shopping list to include all the ingredients to make those meals. You can edit the list as per your choice. You can also import recipes from the internet into this app and it will automatically add its ingredients. A freezer section helps you to track your frozen meals so that you don’t forget about them. In addition, it will also tell you the cost of each meal so that you don’t go off-budget.


This is a productivity app that enjoys great ratings from users. Today, we use a variety of technical platforms and syncing them can be a challenge. Wunderlist is one app that supports almost all the platforms and thus is extremely easy to use. It is basically a task manager where you can create your to-do lists and even segregate your items into groups. You can add a due date, reminder and a note to these tasks for more information. You can also star-mark the important ones so that you don’t forget them in your busy schedule. For a collective effort like a project or a celebration, you can create items and share with multiple users. You can mark the tasks as complete as when you do them.

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