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a Letter to My Mom


I wanted to get something special to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. I spent several days searching for the best gift, but nothing conveyed my true feelings. And then, it struck me that a good old letter to a mother from a daughter is the perfect gift for my Indian Mom.

I clearly remember the day when the dream to move abroad finally came true. I was beaming with excitement, and the news was greeted with hugs and celebrations at home. Soon the enthusiasm was taken over by anxiety as I was moving to an alien land. My mind became crowded with thoughts of living in a foreign land with strangers and following new rules to adjust to a totally different lifestyle. You sensed the nervousness that I was trying hard to hide. You assured that you had raised an independent girl who could achieve anything. You promised that you would always be by my side. On the day of my departure, your swollen eyes narrated the story of the night that was spent crying. You put up a brave front only so that I could leave in peace. 

I had a terrible time settling in this place. You motivated me in moments of weakness. There were umpteen moments when I wanted to leave and return home. You instilled the confidence that I could fight all odds and turn them in my favour. When I craved home food (almost every other day), you patiently taught cooking over video calls. Not to forget, your tips to clean burnt vessels have saved so many precious hours and effort. You waited all day for my phone call and never cared what time it was at your end. You knew I would turn crabby if we didn’t speak. You lost your sleep only so that I wouldn’t lose mine. You were my alarm clock on essential days, and you always called me right on the dot ensuring that I never missed any appointment.

After marriage, I was clueless about managing the house. Now, I honestly realise the what you truly meant when you used to say ‘Ghar ke Kaam kabhi Khatam nahi hote’ and how exhausting it must have been for you. I often fought with my husband because household chores, cooking, washing and cleaning every single day was new to me (although he tried his best to contribute). You laughed it aside saying these were teething troubles that all couples face and that we would find our way through this phase. 


You held my hand during my excitement and anxiety (well mostly anxiety) throughout my pregnancy. When the baby arrived, and we both struggled with the newborn, you assured me that it would all settle down. You eased my bouts of anxieties and gave me the strength to sail through the phase.

Mummy, now that I am a mother myself I realise the sacrifices that you have made. Some were evident, but a lot many went unnoticed. You toiled tirelessly round the clock without complaining. Our house could function in harmony only because of you. You are an ocean of patience and strength, and I hope you can pass some to me. I strive to walk in your footsteps and hope to a mother like you to my children one day although I am pretty sure I am nowhere close.


I want to tell you that I may grow old to be forty or fifty but I will always remain your little girl at heart. Your lap will always induce the most peaceful sleep and your smell will always remind me of the days gone by. Your hugs will always assure me that I am in a safe place and your food will always remain my soul food.

Mummy, I wanted to send you something personal that would remind you of the lovely relationship that we share. There is nothing better than to revisit our precious moments of laughter and bliss. These pictures are a bundle of our sweet memories. I hold these times very close to my heart, and I hope they bring a smile to your face as they do to mine.



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