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6 Tips to create Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery Walls are a décor trend that never goes out of style. Whether you are art enthusiast, nature lover, obsessed with your adorable pet or traveller, a gallery wall fits all. Powerful, beautiful, and full of character, creating a gallery wall is a great way to fill up empty walls and to bring colour and personality to your home.

Want to decorate those blank walls but don’t know where and how to start? Here are Six tips for you to get started on your Gallery wall.

6 Tips to create Perfect Gallery Wall

1. Start with yourself and your family.

It’s your home, use the art or prints that you want like and will love to see every day. A gallery wall can be the place to reflect your passions and interests. Do you love photography, paintings, typography or art? I am obsessed with Indian Folk Art and old photographs, can’t have enough of these at my home.

2. Think Your Theme

When picking the theme for the gallery wall, consider your existing home décor style. Select a theme that will complement your home décor for example, a subtle monochrome or minimalist style will beautifully complement a colourful and busy home décor.

Hot Tip: Think about where can you be consistent and what is going to connect the whole gallery wall such as similar style and theme of artworks or frame or colour scheme.

3. Frame it Up.

A simple frame can make or break your gallery wall. Using similar style frames can tie your whole gallery wall particularly when there is a variety of artwork styles. If you want a bit of everything, remember to keep your frames same or similar in style.

Frames can also add an element of interest or can be artifact itself. Keep the artwork subtle to let your frames shine.

Hot Tip: Check your local thrift store or garage sale for some great frames.

4. Start with a mockup

Create a mock of your gallery wall on the ground. The easiest way is to start is balancing your biggest artwork with the other pieces and so on. Look at your gallery wall as whole to make sure there is a balance in terms of shapes and size, colours and details. 

One of the pro tips is to keep the same horizontal and vertical gap between the frames to create a balanced composition. 

5. Keep it easy for Eyes

To admire your gallery wall, make sure you have hanged things on a comfortable height to see and admire. If you are unsure, mock up the composition on the wall. Make sure you can see the highest and lowest artworks without straining your neck.

6. Rethink drawers and buffet tables

When it comes to artwork display, all you need is a blank surface. If you live in a rental apartment like me and have limited opportunity to do things on walls use drawers and buffet tables to create a gallery wall. It is easy to update without the need to rehang or causing any damage to your wall. 

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